About Me

Glenn Richardson

Experienced Photographer specialising is portraits.
Born and raised in East London, England

They say “Choose a job you love doing and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Where do I begin, being creative and being a photographer began in 2 different decades , I could go into the endless bore of how I studied art and graphics or how my life journey moulded me to where I am today but I won’t.

I picked up a camera, I learnt and the curve so to speak was steep, I moved on  and I continue to learn, I believe everyday is a school day.

I’m  interested in people and capturing people the best I can. I feel I have an eye and the ability to manipulate light to produce eye catching flattering images.. This is most certainly my “thing”.

What I do,

I strive to perform, to me I cannot accept a for a second that I cannot produce … If my mind and eye can meet then my camera and digital medium can produce it.



Clients:  Escape in the Park, Slammin Vinyl, Girl Management, Mode Model Management, Xtreme Playpen
Industry:  Fashion, Commercial, Beauty, Glamour, Events